• Nihonshu No Hi 日本酒の日

    Recognised on 1 October annually, Nihonshu no hi 日本酒の日 (International Sake Day), is know as sake day.  It marks the first day of the sake-making season.


    The main reason is related to the character written for SAKE.   The old symbol for sake is 酉, in the form of a jar, and 酉 in Chinese character, signifies the 10th year, the 10th month and the 10th hour in a cycles of 12 in the Chinese Zodiac.  After harvesting, sake-making begins in the fall, usually in October, the 10th month of the year; and the first day of October has been set by the sake industry as “Sake Day” in 1978.

    The current symbol for sake is

     represents liquid / wine

     represents jar

  • International Sake Day & TISC Celebrations 2016

    Come celebrate International Sake Day with us! We’ll be kicking off the evening (after you’ve had some sake of course!) by announcing the winners of the Toronto International Sake Challenge (TISC 2016) with an award presentation then you’ll have the chance to taste many of the medal winners paired with cheese and charcuterie provided by gourmet food suppliers, Cheese Boutique.

    There will also be burgers by the Teriyaki Burger Project for each guest with gourmet sides to keep you going throughout the night. Each burger is housemade by a baker, butcher and a chef who got together and decided to make the most delicious burger they could imagine!

    You think you’re a pretty good sake taster? There will be a blind tasting station to test your skills at deciphering the grade, rice and style of 3 sakes. The best tasters will receive a prize and bragging rights!

    This event sells out every year. Get your tickets before it’s too late…