300th Anniversary Sake Dinner with Okunomatsu 奧の松 Sake Brewery.

A very special and intimate sake pairing dinner with Okunomatsu Shuzo. Established in Fukushima in 1716, and tracing its roots back to a samurai family, the Okunomatsu Sake Brewery has for three centuries produced some of the finest sake in Northern Japan.  Dinner with Mr. George Yusa, President of Okunomatsu, and Mr. Takeshi Tsushima, Okunomatsu’s International Sales Manager, in addition to Michael Tremblay, Ki’s certified Advanced Sake Professional, at Ki Modern Japanese + Bar.

The menu will consist of an original five course menu created by Ki’s chefs paired with an exceptional lineup of sake, some of which are not available in Canada.  It’s taken 300 years to organize this dinner and for sure this is an amazing dinner, and here are the highlights of the night.

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